Cannock Civic Observatories

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Cannock Civic Observatories is the latest addition to a consortium of independent observatories in Staffordshire.

It was constructed in 2010 and was formally opened by Dr. Guy Consolmagno, Astronomer and Keeper of metoerites at the Vatican Observatory.

The observatories are situated in the grounds of the Cardinal Griffin High School, a Science and Technology College in Cardinal way, Cannock.

The observatory site consists of two domes and two ancillary facilities, namely the C.A. Loxton Memorial Transit House, and the Phyllis Armitage Memorial Telescope House.

Telescopes on site range from large Newtonians from 8" to 20" aperture, mid-range Maksutov-Cassegrams, and smaller high-quality refractors.

A wide range of ancilliary equipment and specialist telescopes are also available including equipment for solar observation.

Various vintage telescopes are also held and are displayed at the observatories from time to time.